By-law Prescribing the Manner of Calling, Notifying, and Conducting Business Meetings

Meeting of the Hopedale Community, August, 1841

from History of the Hopedale Community, p. 55-56

Section 1. All meetings of the Community for the transaction of regular business, whether annual, state, or special, shall hereafter be called by written notification of the Executive Council, specifying the time and place of meeting with the principal subject matters of business to be acted upon, signed by the President and countersigned by the Secretary.

Section 2. Every notification of a meeting as aforesaid shall be published in the official periodical of the Community at least seven days previous to the time appointed for holding the same. Provided, nevertheless, that personal information given to each member by the President or Secretary, seven days previous to holding any meeting, shall be deemed sufficient.

Section 3. The President or some one of the Intendants shall preside at all meetings. He shall call the members to order at the proper time, direct the Secretary to read the notification, and after a suitable season of prayer, silent or audible, declare the meeting duly opened for the dispatch of business.

Section 4. Every important motion shall be reduced to writing and seconded by some member in the usual form; whereupon, after satisfactory deliberation, the question shall ordinarily be taken by Ayes and Noes. If there be doubt, it shall be taken by Yeas and Nays; also, when one-fourth of the members present demand it. And the choice of all official servants shall uniformly be by written or printed ballots.

Section 5. Any meeting called and notified as aforesaid may be adjourned from time to time at the pleasure of the members present, until the business matter of the notification shall have been fully discharged.

Section 6. Every meeting shall be closed with a brief season of prayer, audible or inaudible, as at the opening thereof.