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The table below gives information about members and other participants in the Hopedale Community, as far as it has been ascertained. The list is not complete. Adin Ballou stated that the total number of members added between 1841 and 1856 was 197. The table contains membership dates for 167 people, including eight who joined after 1856. The table generally does not include non-members who were granted permission to live at Hopedale, people who were proposed for membership but rejected, or probationers who never went on to become members. However, it does include non-members who were spouses of members, as well as a few non-members who held offices or otherwise figured prominently in Community affairs.

Formal membership was not the same thing as participation in Community life. Some members never lived at Hopedale or took part in its day-to-day operations. Some people were active participants for years before they become members; others served on committees, and even held important Community offices, without ever becoming members. Many people left the community without formally resigning their membership. Others resigned, but remained active. For this reason, the table shows not only membership dates, but approximate dates of activity, where available. These dates are necessarily less precise than the membership dates, but should help to give a fuller picture of the complex ways in which people interacted with the Community.

The "Spouse" and "Other Relationships" highlight the extent to which Hopedale was a web of personal and family relationships. The Draper brothers, who played such a crucial role in the history of Hopedale, were part of one such web, the Draper/Thwing/Cook family. The community included aunts, uncles, and cousins; parents and their grown children; and many pairs of siblings. The prevalence of certain surnames suggests that there were more relationships than are documented here. In part this was a result of the sponsorial system, whereby people applying for membership had to be sponsored by existing members. And of course, Hopedale created relationships as well as building upon them; Adin Ballou's daughter Abbie was not the only person to marry a fellow Community member.

The information in the table comes from a variety of sources: the Records of the Proceedings of Fraternal Community No. 1 (1841-1851) and the Record Book of the Hopedale Community (1851-1868); the record book of the Hopedale Sewing Circle; History of the Hopedale Community; History of the Town of Milford, particularly the "Biographico-Genealogical Register" of Milford families; other genealogies and family histories; and birth, death, marriage, and census records. The dates of birth, death, and marriage come from a variety of genealogical and other sources, and are of variable quality. (Dates of marriage are shown in the table only if one or both partners were at Hopedale at the time of the marriage.) The dates of membership and of resignation of membership come principally from the minutes of Community meetings, which note the Community's votes on applications for membership, and record the receipt of letters of resignation. The Sewing Circle records are a particularly valuable source of information about the activities of the women of the Community. For the purpose of determining activity dates, participation in the Sewing Circle is counted as participation in the Community. For example, Hannah Thwing Draper, who refused on principle to join the Community, is listed as having been active from 1855 to 1861 on the basis of her participation in the Sewing Circle.

A version of this table is printed in the annotated edition of Adin Ballou's History of the Hopedale Community (Blackstone Editions, 2010). Data shown in red has been added or updated after 2010 and so is more up-to-date than that in the printed book.

* Asterisk following last year active indicates that the person when to Minnesota as part of Hopedale's western colonization scheme  

NameBornDiedDate of MembershipDate of ResignationYear ActiveLast Year ActiveSpouseOther Relationships
Adams, Abner1806188528 Aug 1844 18441857Elizabeth Claflin AdamsFather of Samuel W. Adams and Mary Lucy Adams Stimpson
Adams, Charlotte Holbrook18321864    Samuel W. Adams (1852) 
Adams, Elizabeth Thayer Claflin1811191228 Aug 1844 18441857Abner AdamsMother of Samuel W. Adams and Mary Lucy Adams Stimpson
Adams, Samuel Wilber1831190720 Dec 185114 Apr 185618441856Charlotte Holbrook Adams (1852)Son of Abner and Elizabeth Adams. Brother of Mary Lucy Adams Stimpson
Albee, Harriet Newell Scott1815187014 Dec 1853 18521861Stephen Albee 
Albee, Stephen181118829 Feb 185317 Jan 185818521858Harriet Scott Albee 
Allen, Almira L.1817189312 May 1842   Nathaniel Allen 
Allen, Angeline Chapman1831after 1910  18551856 *Lyman Allen (1855)Sister of Dudley Chapman
Allen, Lyman18261910  18551855 *Angeline Chapman Allen (1855) 
Allen, Nathaniel18071873 12 May 1842  Almira L. Allen 
Bailey, Joseph1825189724 Mar 18525 Jan 186318491857Sarah Paul Bailey (1854) 
Bailey, Sarah Paul18271880    Joseph Bailey (1854) 
Baker, Lyman18291902  18541855 *  
Ballou, Adin1803189028 Jan 1841 1842after 1863Lucy Hunt BallouFather of Abbie Ballou Heywood and Adin Augustus Ballou; related to several other Community members
Ballou, Adin Augustus1834185222 Nov 1851 1842d. 1852 Son of Adin and Lucy Ballou; brother of Abbie Ballou Heywood
Ballou, Amos Jencks1800186916 Nov 1842 18421845Joanna Kelley BallouDistant cousin of Adin Ballou; first cousin of Mary Ann Ballou Pitts
Ballou, Joanna Kelley1802188816 Nov 1842 18421845Amos BallouSister of Lydia Kelley Earle; cousin of Sarah Kelley Stacy; sister of abolitionist lecturer Abby Kelley Foster (not at Hopedale)
Ballou, Lucy Hunt1810189128 Jan 1841 1842after 1863Adin BallouMother of Adin Augustus Ballou; stepmother of Abbie Ballou Heywood
Bancroft, Joseph182119099 Aug 184728 May 186118471860Sylvia Thwing Bancrosft 
Bancroft, Sylvia Thwing182418989 Aug 1847 1847after 1863Joseph BancroftSister of Almon Thwing, Anna T. Draper, Hannah T. Draper
Beal, David181418913 Jan 18446 Apr 185618431856(1) Sarah Ball Beal
(2) Emeline Hotchkiss Beal (1850)
Beal, Emeline Hotchkiss181919097 Mar 18516 Apr 185618501856David Beal (1850) 
Beal, Sarah Ball18171846  1843d. 1846David Beal 
Blake, Anna Bowers182918641 Nov 1854 1852 Joseph BlakeDaughter of George Bowers; sister of Mary Elizabeth Bowers
Blake, Joseph W.1829after 18701 Nov 185412 Jul 18591852after 1863Anna Bowers Blake 
Bloom, Morgan Lewis18261912  18541856Sophia L. BloomHopedale Home School, 1854-56
Bloom, Sophia Louisa18281907  18541856Morgan L. BloomHopedale Home School, 1854-56
Borden, Sally180918535 Jan 1842     
Bowers, George1799187510 Sep 18522 Jul 185618521856 Father of Anna Bowers Blake and Mary Elizabeth Bowers
Bowers, Mary Elizabeth183518786 Dec 1854 18521854 Daughter of George Bowers; sister of Anna Bowers Blake
Bradbury, Cyrus1811188420 Dec 1851 1850after 1863Elizabeth Cheney Bradbury 
Bradbury, Elizabeth Cheney1819187020 Dec 1851 18501852Cyrus Bradbury 
Brown, [Mrs. Reuben]    18421842Reuben H. Brown 
Brown, Malvina Edson18271910  18461850Samuel Brown Jr. (c.1850)Daughter of Nathaniel and Betsey Edson; sister of Horatio Edson and Elizabeth Edson Kingman
Brown, Mary Louisa Capron1805185828 Jan 1841 1842d. 1858Samuel Silsbee BrownMother of Samuel Brown Jr., Louisa Brown Edson, and Ellen Brown Patten
Brown, Reuben H.  12 May 1842 18421842[Mrs. Reuben H. Brown] 
Brown, Samuel Jr.1827after 1905  18421850Malvina Edson Brown (c.1850)Son of Samuel and Mary Louisa Capron Brown; brother of Louisa Brown Edson and Ellen Brown Patten
Brown, Samuel Silsbee1802after 186028 Jan 1841 18421859Mary Louisa Capron BrownFather of Samuel Brown Jr., Louisa Brown Edson, and Ellen Brown Patten
Butts, Bryan1826after 1880  18521862Harriet N. Greene (1858) 
Calkins, John179018573 Jan 1843 Non-residentNon-residentLucia Day Calkins 
Calkins, Lucia Day179218746 Feb 1844 Non-residentNon-residentJohn Calkins
Carter, Daniel H.1815190224 Aug 18507 Jul 186118491861Lucy Ann Hartwell CarterRow:43 Cell:9
Carter, Lucy Ann Hartwell1822190324 Aug 1850 18491861Daniel CarterDaughter of Leonard and Abigail Hartwell; sister of Mary Hartwell Southwick
Cass, Gilbert Fairfield1829189517 Oct 18491 Dec 184918481849  
Chapman, Dudley B.1825after 188016 Jul 18502 Oct 185918491859Hannah Whipple ChapmanBrother of Angeline Chapman Allen
Chapman, Hannah Whipple1829186522 Nov 1851 1849d. 1865Dudley ChapmanSister of Mary W. Davis and Nancy W. Lewers; first cousin of Hepsie W. Chapman and Lucy Whipple; niece of John Whipple
Chapman, Hepzibah "Hepsie" Whipple182419078 Sep 1861 1859after 1863Nathan ChapmanSister of Lucy Whipple; first cousin of Hannah W. Chapman, Mary W. Davis and Nancy W. Lewers; niece of John Whipple
Chapman, Mary A.  19 Nov 1863     
Chapman, Nathan18071885    Hepsie Whipple ChapmanRelated to Dudley B. Chapman and Angeline Chapman Allen?
Colburn, Barbara Barker Mowry1817184328 Apr 1841 1842d. 1843Samuel Colburn 
Colburn, Mary Jackman18111901 21 Mar 185018431850Samuel Colburn (1844)Sister of Abigail Jackman Spalding
Colburn, Samuel1818188428 Apr 184121 Mar 185018421850(1) Barbara Mowry Colburn
(2) Mary Jackman Colburn (1844)
Comstock, Elma Ann Cook1827187017 Jun 1851 1850after 1863William G. ComstockSister of William W. Cook
Comstock, William Gibbs1827191417 Jun 1851 1850after 1863Elma Ann Cook Comstock 
Cook, Abigail Draper1820184728 Jan 184116 Nov 18421842d. 1847William W. CookSister of Ebenezer, George, and Lemuel Draper; aunt of Nancy Draper Cook
Cook, Alonzo A.1824191024 Aug 185029 Apr 185618491856Louisa Thayer Cook (1850)Cousin of Adin Ballou
Cook, Cyrus1819190723 Sep 1846 18461848 Nephew of Adin Ballou
Cook, Louisa Thayer1829190322 Nov 185129 Apr 185618501861Alonzo Cook (1850) 
Cook, Nancy Maria Draper1823after 188024 Aug 1850 18491860William W. Cook (1849)Niece of Ebenezer, George, and Lemuel Draper, and of Abigail Draper Cook (her husband's first wife)
Cook, William Walker1820after 189028 Jan 1841
rejoined 12 Jan 1848
16 Nov 18421842after 1863(1) Abigail Draper Cook
(2) Nancy Draper Cook
Brother of Elma Ann Cook Comstock
Davis, Ichabod1824 14 Dec 1853 1852after 1863Mary Whipple Davis 
Davis, Mary Whipple1827187614 Dec 1853 1852after 1863Ichabod DavisSister of Hannah W. Chapman and Nancy W. Lewers; first cousin of Hepsie W. Chapman and Lucy Whipple; niece of John Whipple
Dodge, E. (Elizabeth) Alice Reed1832189114 Jan 185224 Jun 1861  James A. Dodge (1857)Daugher of Anthony and Elizabeth Reed; sister of William B. Reed
Draper, Anna Thwing1814187028 Jan 1841 1842after 1863Ebenezer D. DraperSister of Almon Thwing, Hannah T. Draper, and Sylvia T. Bancroft
Draper, Ebenzer Daggett1813188728 Jan 1841 1842after 1863Anna Thwing DraperBrother of George Draper, Lemuel Draper, and Abigail D. Cook
Draper, George181718871 Nov 18549 Jun 186118531861Hannah Thwing DraperBrother of Ebenezer D. Draper, Lemuel Draper, and Abigail D. Cook
Draper, Hannah Thwing18171883  18551861George DraperSister of Almon Thwing, Anna T. Draper, and Sylvia T. Bancroft
Draper, Lemuel R.18241891    Lydia Mansfield DraperBrother of Ebenezer D. Draper, George Draper, and Abigail D. Cook
Draper, Lydia Mansfield18251906  18501861Lemuel R. DraperSister of Phebe Mansfield
Earle, Lydia Kelley179418817 Mar 1851 18501856 Mother of Mary A. Walden; sister of Joanna Kelley Ballou; cousin of Sarah Kelley Stacy; sister of abolitionist lecturer Abby Kelley Foster (not at Hopedale)
Edson, Betsey Howard1785188010 Nov 1846 18461850Nathaniel EdsonMother of Horatio Edson, Malvina E. Brown, and Elizabeth E. Kingman
Edson, Horatio1820185627 Sep 184528 Mar 185018461850Louisa Brown Edson (1846)Son of Nathaniel and Betsey Edson; brother of Malvina E. Brown and Elizabeth E. Kingman
Edson, Louisa Brown1824after 188010 Nov 1846R28 Mar 185018421850Horatio Edson (1846)Daugher of Samuel and Mary Louisa Brown; sister of Samuel Brown Jr. and Ellen Brown Patten
Edson, Nathaniel1777185210 Nov 1846 18461850Betsey Howard EdsonFather of Horatio Edson, Malvina E. Brown, and Elizabeth E. Kingman
Field, Phineas1809187712 May 1842 18471847Thankful M. FieldFriend of Butler Wilmarth
Fish, Ann Eliza Wright1815188428 Jan 1841 18461857William H. Fish 
Fish, Henry1820186412 Aug 1843 18431853Margaret E. FishNephew of Susan Fish; brother of Louisa Fish
Fish, Louisa182119007 Sep 184430 Dec 184818431848 Niece of Susan Fish; sister of Henry Fish
Fish, Margaret E.1819 7 Sep 1844 18431857Henry Fish 
Fish, Susan1793185216 Nov 1842 18431846 Aunt of Henry and Louisa Fish
Fish, William Henry1812after 189028 Jan 1841 18461856Ann Eiza Wright Fish 
Gaffney, Hopestill Bathrick18231900  18501850John Gaffney (1852) 
Gaffney, John182018767 Mar 185124 Mar 186118511853Hopestill Bathrick Gaffney (1852) 
Gay, Emily1818188328 Jan 184114 Apr 186218421861  
Gay, George1814after 188028 Sep 18551 Oct 185918531859Lydia Godfrey Gay 
Gay, Lydia Godfrey1821190728 Sep 18551 Oct 185918531859George Gay 
Gifford, Clother1805188312 May 18429 Aug 184218421842  
Gladding, Charles 185528 Jan 184116 Nov 184218421842Ruth Shove Gladding 
Gladding, Ruth Shove 189528 Jan 184116 Nov 184218421842Charles GladdingSister of Catherine Shove Munyan
Gotham, Charles 187228 May 1842   Mary Ann Berry Gotham 
Gotham, Mary Ann Berry 191028 May 1842   Charles Gotham 
Greene, Harriet Newell181918813 Sep 1852 1852after 1863Bryan Butts (1858) 
Hammond, Marcia  20 Aug 184614 Mar 184818461848  
Harlow, Ansel H.1805after 186514 Dec 18535 Feb 18581853 Mary C. Harlow 
Harlow, Mary C.1822after 186515 Nov 18545 Feb 185818531858Ansel H. Harlow 
Harris, Martha Blood1804 28 Jan 1841 18411860Nathan Harris 
Harris, Nathan1805185028 Jan 18415 Oct 184418411844Martha Blood Harris 
Hartwell, Abigail Pierce1797187715 Nov 1854 18541861Leonard HartwellMother of Lucy Ann Hartwell Carter and Mary Hartwell Southwick
Hartwell, Leonard1795187015 Nov 1854 18541861Abigail Pierce HartwellFather of Lucy Ann Hartwell Carter and Mary Hartwell Southwick
Hatch, George O.182319001 Nov 1854
rejoined 19 Nov 1863
7 Aug 18571853after 1863Sarah Jane Farnum Hatch 
Hatch, Sarah Jane Farnum183119069 Jan 1856
rejoined 19 Nov 1863
7 Aug 18571850after 1863George O. Hatch 
Hayward, Julia1822186314 Dec 1853 18601860 Sister of Mary Ann Hayward Soule; mother and other sisters at Hopedale, but not Community members
Heywood, Abbie Ballou1829191824 Aug 1850 18421864William S. Heywood (1851)Daughter of Adin Ballou; sister of Adin Augustus Ballou
Heywood, Adelia Lucy Everett1831after 19001 Nov 1854 1854after 1863 *J. Lowell Heywood 
Heywood, J. (John) Lowell1830after 19001 Nov 1854 1854after 1863 *Adelia Everett HeywoodBrother of William S. Heywood
Heywood, William Sweetser1824190517 Oct 1849 18481864Abbie Ballou Heywood (1851)Brother of J. Lowell Heywood
Hill, John  12 Aug 184313 Aug 184718451847  
Holbrook, Sarah Baker1820190312 May 1842 1844after 1863William Rich (1845)
Later divorced
Holland, Porter181718813 Apr 1845 18451846  
Hooton, Charlotte P.180018445 Jan 1842 18421843  
Humphrey, Almira Brown181018801 May 1849 1849after 1863William H. HumphreyMother of Lizzie Humphrey
Humphrey, Elizabeth B. (Lizzie)18411889  18491860 Daughter of William and Almira Humphrey
Humphrey, Louisa1800186914 Sep 184910 Jul 186118491860 Sister of William H. Humphrey
Humphrey, William H.180518831 May 1849 1849after 1863Almira Brown HumphreyBrother of Louisa Humphrey' father of Lizzie Humphrey
Hutchinson, Irene Fisher181018887 Jan 1864 non-residentnon-residentJoshua HutchinsonHutchinson Family Singers
Hutchinson, Joshua181118837 Jan 1864 non-residentnon-residentIrene F. HutchinsonHutchinson Family Singers
Inman, Fenner M.1819189312 Jan 185310 Sep 185718511857Melissa Mowry InmanDistant cousin or Adin Ballou
Inman, Melissa Mowry1825181312 Jan 185330 Oct 185718521862Fenner Inman 
Kingman, Elizabeth Edson18071899  18461847Joseph KingmanDaughter of Nathaniel and Betsey Edson; sister of Horatio Edson and Malvina Edson Brown
Kingman, Joseph17991876  18461847Elizabeth Edson Kingman 
Lamson, David Rich1806188628 Jan 184116 Oct 184318421843Mary Smith Lamson 
Lamson, Mary Smith1806188028 Jan 184116 Oct 184318421843David R. Lamson 
Leonard, Thorndyke1812188828 Feb 184514 Jan 184618451845  
Lewers, Nancy Whipple1832189411 Jan 1860 1856after 1863William Lewers (1856)Sister of Hannah W. Chapman and Mary W. Davis; first cousin of Hepsie W. Chapman and Lucy Whipple; niece of John Whipple
Lewers, William R.1829186515 Nov 1854 1856after 1863Nancy Whipple Lewers (1856) 
Lillie, Caroline Hayden1804after 188028 Jan 1841 18411859Henry Lillie 
Lillie, Henry1803186328 Jan 1841 18411859Caroline Hayden Lillie 
Mansfield, Phebe18281871  18501861 Sister of Lydia Mansfield Draper
May, Caroline M. Dodge Gove1817190523 Jun 1845 18461854Charles May (1845) 
May, Charles1788185623 Jun 184527 Dec 184918461852Caroline Dodge Gove MayBrother of reformers Samuel J. May and Abigail May Alcott (not at Hopedale)
Messinger, Daniel Edward1820188012 Jan 18535 Aug 186218521852Eliza Nichols Messinger 
Messinger, Eliza Carter Nichols1823189912 Jan 18535 Jan 186318501860Daniel E. Messinger 
Mulliken, Elijah Sanderson182418943 Sep 1852 18531856Helen Munyan Mulliken (1854) 
Mulliken, Helen Louisa Munyan183218943 Sep 1852 18431856Elijah Mulliken (1854)Daughter of Lemuel Munyan
Mundy, David A.  28 Sep 1849 18461851  
Munyan, Catharine G. Shove1818191018 Jan 1850 18431757Lemuel Munyan (1842)Sister of Ruth Shove Gladding
Munyan, Lemuel1810188628 Apr 1841 18431857Catharine Shove Munyan (1842)Brother-in-law of Amos Pitts (first wife, Fanny Pitts Munyan, d. 1837); father of Helen Munyan Mulliken and Abby Munyan Wilmarth
Patten, Charles S.18081881  18471850Ellen Brown Patten (1848) 
Patten, Ellen Clarissa Brown18291901  18421848Charles Patten (1848)Daughter of Samuel and Mary Louisa Brown; sister of Samuel Brown Jr. and Louisa Brown Edson
Pinkham, Nabby1792185112 May 1842     
Pitts, Amos Wood1804185828 Jan 1841 non-residentnon-residentMary Ann Ballou PittsBrother-in-law of Lemuel Munyan
Pitts, Mary Ann Ballou Bucklin1806187528 Jan 1841 non-residentnon-residentAmos W. PittsFirst cousin of Amos J. Ballou; distant cousin of Adin Ballou
Price, Abby Hills181418785 Jan 1842 18421853Edmund PriceRow:144 Cell:9
Price, Betsey Cleveland18231903  18441855Charles Price (1844) 
Price, Charles H.1819189112 Aug 184325 Oct 185818441858Betsey Cleveland Price (1844)Brother of Edmund Price
Price, Edmund1808 5 Jan 1842 18421853Abby Hills PriceBrother of Charles Price
Provan, Rebecca Davis18271867  18491852Thomas Provan (1850)Sister of Jane Davis Stimpson
Provan, Thomas18181900  18491852Thomas Provan (1850)Later married Jane Davis Stimpson
Read, Clement O.1802187927 Sep 1845 18451850Lydia Buffum Read 
Read, Lydia Buffum1815189727 Sep 1845 18451850Clement O. Read 
Reed, Anthony1806after 1870  18561856Elizabeth Bliss ReedFather of William Reed and E. Alice Reed Dodge
Reed, Elizabeth Bliss1811after 1870  18561856Anthony ReedMother of William Reed and E. Alice Reed Dodge
Reed, William B.1835   18561856 Son of Anthony and Elizabeth Reed; brother of E. Alice Reed Dodge
Rich, William18001870  18441845Sarah B. Holbrook (1845)
Later divorced
Seaver, Daphne M.1821 15 Jan 1852 18511853  
Sherman, Jemima  28 Jan 1841     
Smith, Lorenzo    18421842  
Soule, Justus1825185915 Nov 1854 1853d. 1859Mary Ann Hayward Soule (1855) 
Soule, Mary Ann Hayward1830 7 Jan 1864  after 1863Justus Soule (1855)Sister of Julia Hayward; mother and other sisters at Hopedale, but not Community members
Southwick, Mary J. Hartwell183318679 Jan 1856 18551861Pliny SouthwickDaughter of Leonard and Abigail Hartwell; sister of Lucy Ann Hartwell Carter
Southwick, Pliny Buffum1822after 19109 Jan 1856 18551861Mary Hartwell Southwick 
Soward, Edmund180318553 Jan 1844 1843d. 1855  
Spading, Abigail Jackman1813after 188410 Jan 184910 Jan 186118441855Asaph SpaldingSister of Mary Jackman Colburn
Spalding, Asaph Gaylord181718844 Jun 184410 Jan 186118441855Abigail Jackman Spalding 
Stacy, George Whittemore1809188228 Jan 1841 18431845Sarah Kelley Stacy 
Stacy, Sarah Kelley18041887  18431845George W. StacyCousin of Joanna Kelley Ballou and Lydia Kelley Earle
Stanton, Henry Baker181018895 Jan 1842   Lydia Davis Stanton 
Stanton, Lydia Davis1812after 18805 Jan 1842   Henry B. Stanton 
Stimpson, Jane Davis182519117 Mar 185120 Dec 185718481857William StimpsonSister of Rebecca Davis Provan; later married Thomas Provan
Stimpson, John D.1825190617 Jun 185125 Mar 185618501856Mary Lucy Adams Stimpson (1854)Brother of William Stimpson; several other family members at Hopedale, but not Community members
Stimpson, Mary Lucy Adams18331925  18441860John D. Stimpson (1854)Daughter of Abner and Elizabeth Adams; sister of Samuel W. Adams
Stimpson, William182718597 Mar 185122 Dec 185618481856Jane Davis StimpsonBrother of John Stimpson; several other family members at Hopedale, but not Community members
Sutcliffe, Matthew1803after 18551 May 184922 Apr 185318481853  
Swasey, Hannah1788after 188017 Oct 1855 18521857Nathaniel Swasey 
Swasey, Nathaniel1791186717 Oct 18552 Feb 185718521857Hannah Swasey 
Taylor, Levi  23 Dec 184428 Apr 184718451846  
Thayer, Charlotte Taft1815188328 Jan 1841   Perry Thayer 
Thayer, Perry1810188928 Jan 1841   Charlotte Taft Thayer 
Thompson, Harriet G.1814189317 Jun 1851 18501857  
Thwing, Almon1808189217 Jul 1847 18471856Sarah Darling ThwingBrother of Anna T. Draper, Hannah T. Draper, Sylvia T. Bancroft
Thwing, Sarah Ann Darling181318929 Aug 1847 18471862Almon Thwing 
Tower, Levi1810189328 Jan 1841     
Walden, Levi18111867    Mary Ann Earle Walden 
Walden, Mary Ann Earle1815186824 Mar 1852 18501856Levi WaldenDaughter of Lydia Earle
Walker, Eliza Hatch179818691 Nov 18547 Nov 185918531859Richard Walker 
Walker, Olive1811188928 May 1842     
Walker, Richard179718831 Nov 18547 Nov 185918531859Eliza Hatch Walker 
Wentworth, Noyes S.1819188114 Jan 185210 Jan 186118501855Sarah Howard Cook Wentworth 
Wentworth, Sarah Howard Cook1820188424 Mar 185210 Jan 186118501852Noyes S. Wentworth 
Wheeler, John1805 28 Jan 1841 Non-residentNon-residentMiriam P. Wheeler 
Wheeler, Miriam P.1807186628 Jan 1841 Non-residentNon-residentJohn Wheeler 
Whipple, John R.179518708 Sep 1861    Uncle of Hepsie W. Chapman, Hannah W. Chapman, Mary W. Davis, Nancy W. Lewers
Whipple, Jonathan1821188521 Dec 18559 Nov 185618511856Lucy (Whipple) WhippleDistant cousin of the other Whipples, including his wife
Whipple, Lucy1820189421 Dec 1855 18541856Jonathan WhippleSister of Hepsie W. Chapman; first cousin Hannah W. Chapman, Mary W. Davis, and Nancy W. Lewers; distant cousin of Jonathan Whipple (her husband)
Whitney, Daniel Sanderson1810189428 Jan 184122 Mar 185018421850Hannah Cotton Whitney (1842) 
Whitney, Hannah S. P. Cotton181019045 Jan 184222 Mar 185018421850Daniel S. Whitney (1842) 
Whitney, Lucy B.1810186819 Nov 1863 Non-residentNon-resident  
Wilmarth, Abby Frances Munyan1833191114 Jan 1852 1843after 1863Jerome Wilmarth (1856)Daughter of Lemuel Munyan
Wilmarth, Butler179818535 Jan 1842 1842d. 1853Phila Osgood WilmarthFather of Jerome Wilmarth
Wilmarth, Jerome1831189014 Dec 1853 1842after 1863Abby Munyan Wilmarth (1856)Son of Butler and Phila Wilmarth
Wilmarth, Phila Osgood1806185927 Sep 1845 18421860Butler WilmarthMother of Jerome Wilmarth
Wilson, Jane Ballou1783187220 Aug 1846 18451861 Distant cousin of Adin Ballou