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This page contains links to works of Adin Ballou available on the Internet. These works are hosted on a variety of sites, are in a variety of formats, and are of varying quality. Many of these texts may be found online in different forms, including downloadable ebooks. You are encouraged to search for yourself and see what you can find.
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Christian Connection Period

Review of a Lecture Sermon . . . by Hosea Ballou (1821) 39p.

Universalist Period

The Furious Priest Reproved (1823) 12p.
Fourth of July Oration at Milford (1827) 35p.
Dialogical Instructer (1828) newspaper
The Inestimable Value of Souls (1830) sermon 23p.
Fourth of July Oration at Blackstone (1830) 18p.

Restorationist Period

Independent Messenger (1831-39) newspaper
Epistle General to Restorationists (1831)
Argument on Punishment and Forgiveness between Revs. Adin Ballou and Barton Ballou (1832)
Report on a Public Discussion between the Revs. Adin Ballou and Daniel D. Smith (1834) 86p.
Sunday School Manual (1836)
A Discourse on the Subject of American Slavery (1837) Fourth of July oration at Mendon 88p.
The Touchstone (1837) Restorationist tract 32p.

Hopedale Period

Standard of Practical Christianity (1839)
Conference Hymn-Book (1839)
Non-Resistance in Relation to Human Governments (1839) 24p.
Practical Christian (1840-1860) newspaper
Constitution of the Fraternal Communion (1841)
The True Scriptural Doctrine of the Second Advent (1843)
The Voice of Duty (1843) Oration at antislavery picnic 12p.
Non-Resistant Catechism (from the Practical Christian, August 3, 1844) NEW!
     A version of the "Catechism" appears in Leo Tolstoy's The Kingdom of God is Within You
Constitution, Bylaws, and regulations of Fraternal Community No. 1 (1845)
Superiority of Moral to Political Power (1845)
Christian Non-Resistance (1846) 240p.
     Link to free audiobook
Non-Resistance Tract No. 2 (c.1846) Includes:
     Learn to Discriminate
     Losing Influence
     Consistency with a Vengeance
     How Many Does It Take?
     Might and Right
Declaration (1847)
Constitution of the Practical Christian Ministry (1848)
What Entitles One to the Name Christian (1849) Practical Christian Tract No. 1
Christian Non-Resistance: Questions Answered (1849) Practical Christian Tract No. 2
The Bible: Its Principles Divine, Its Language Human (1849) Practical Christian Tract No. 3
Endless Punishment Rejected (1849)
Address Delivered before the Thwing Family, Thanksgiving 1849
Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations of the Hopedale Community (1850)
Hopedale Collection of Hymns and Songs (1850) 316 hymns
Capital Punishment: Reasons for Immediate Abolition (1851)
A Concise Exposition of the Hopedale Community (1851)
Spirit Manifestations (1852)
Memoir of Adin Augustus Ballou (1853)
The Hopedale Community: Historical Sketch (1853)
An Inquirer Answered (c.1853)
Practical Christian Socialism (1854)
The Constitution of the Practical Christian Republic (1854)
The Practical Christian Republic (1854)
Fundamental Principles the Only Authority in Religion (c.1854)
Lecture on the Inspiration of the Bible (1859)
Christian Non-Resistance in Extreme Cases (1860) 32p.
Practical Christianity and its Non-Resistance in Relation to Human Governments (1860) 20p.
Practical Christianity in Relation to Different Christs and Christianities (1860) 8p.
Practical Christianity in Relation to Education and Amusements (1860) from Practical Christian Socialism
Practical Christianity in Relation to Marriage and Divorce (1860) from Practical Christian Socialism
Practical Christianity in Relation to the Dogma of Endless Punishment (1860) 47p.
Practical Christianity in Relation to the Superiority of Moral to Political Power (1860) 15p.
Practical Christianity in Relation to Voting (1860) 8p.
Violations of the Federal Constitution (1861) 48p.
Christian Non-Resistance Defended against Henry Ward Beecher (1862) 20p.
Monitorial Guide (1862)
The Golden Wedding, or 50th Marriage Anniversary of Arnold Taft, Esq. and wife (1865)
Human Progress in Respect to Religion (1867)
Address Delivered at the Funeral of Mrs. Anna T. Draper (1870)
Primitive Christianity and its Corruptions
      Volume 1 (1870)
      Volume 2 (1870; published 1899)
      Volume 3 (1872; published 1900)
Reply to Parson Hor on War (undated) 16p. Collection of essays in verse:
     Reply to Parson Hor on War
     The Ballot-Box
     Practical Christian Gospel
     Our Communal Declaration
Correspondence with Leo Tolstoy (1890)

Historical Works

"History of Milford," in History of Worcester County, Massachusetts (1879)
History of the Town of Milford, Massachusetts (1882)
      Part 1 - Strictly Historical
      Part 2 - Biographico-Genealogical Register
History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America (1888) 1324p.
A Memorial of Adin Ballou (1890) 100p. contains a funeral sermon by himself
Autobiography of Adin Ballou (1896) 586p. completed by William S. Heywood
History of the Hopedale Community (1897) 415p.