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Peace Essay Contest

2017 Essay Contest Winner

First Prize:
How Will I Spread Peace?
by Emelie Frost

To me, peace is something that replaces stress, discomfort, or depression. Peace can be attained through something as simple as spending time with friends and family or feeling loved and worthy. In addition, peace is something that is not necessarily external. Internal peace is something we all savor. After a long day of work, some find peace by taking a long nap or showering, and others find peace by playing a board game with their family.

As upsetting as it sounds, however, not all can find peace. Not all can easily let go of all the school work, names they have been called, or the difficulties unfolding in their lives. Life can sometimes make it feel impossible to experience inner peace, but we can do our parts to change that. One can spread peace by standing up to a bully or letting someone know that you are always there for them. A small act of kindness can put a smile on someone's face for the rest of the day. Find that quiet person that has no friends and be her first one. Make others feel loved and cared for. Get involved with peopleís concerns and help them feel peace.

How will I spread peace? I will sit with that lonely person at lunch. I will make diversity something to be adored, not hated. I will make my life and otherís lives more peaceful by simply smiling more often. Make the world a better place and spread the peace with me.