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Peace Essay Contest

for students in grades 7 through 12

Essay Contest Winners


First Prize: "What I Can Do to Stop Gun Violence" by Emily Hagan


First Prize: "How Will I Spread Peace?" by Emelie Frost


First Prize: "Peace: A Symphony" by Rene Venable
Second Prize: "The Path of Peace" by Sheena Nguyen
Third Prize: "The Lack of Acceptance" by Zahra Ali


First Prize: "My Mission for Peace" by Rebecca Pfeiffer
Second Prize: "How Peace Can Be Spread" by Colleen Lavoie
Third Prize: "Along With Peace Comes Unity" by Hannah Poe


First Prize: "My Perspective on Peace" by Yu Jin Kim
Second Prize: "What Peace Means to Me" by Lindsay Bailey
Third Prize: "What Peace Means to Me" by Madison Polay
Honorable Mention: "Peace: Understanding" by Maddie Davidshofer
"Peace Means Unity" by Jack Gallagher
"Peace Is Our Inner Voice" by Roma Gujarathi


First Prize: "What Is Peace?" by Jeanelle Wheeler
Second Prize: "Peaceful Expression" by Maia Hibbett
Third Prize (tie): "Peace is Love" by Robby Aziz
"Peace" by Demetri Chokshi-Fox
Honorable Mention: "What I Will Do for Peace" by Arianna Bonito
"Simplicity Is Sublime" by Aislyne Caliano


First Prize: "What Does Peace Mean to Me?" by Jagath Jai Kumar
Second Prize: "What Does Peace Mean to Me?" by Justin Jacques
Honorable Mention: "What Does Peace Mean to Me?" by Alec Munhall